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Let Me See You Teach Preschool Curriculum (Ages 0-5)


Single Payment
$175 for 4 Months


Let Me See You Teach Preschool Curriculum (Ages 0-5) 🚀 What's Inside? For Preschoolers (3-5 years old): 🧡 Monthly Daily Lesson Plans for the Full Year: Thrilling activities in math, science, writing, life skills, and more from January to December. 🧡 Comprehensive Assessments and Schedules: Streamline teaching and track progress effectively. For Toddlers (2 years old): 🧡 Daily Lesson Plans: Tailored activities covering a wide array of exciting subjects. For Infants: 🧡 Daily Lesson Plans (Full Year): Engaging activities including fine motor skills, arts and crafts, science exploration, gross motor skills, and social studies. For Summer Fun Curriculum: 🧡 10-Week Summer Camp Program: Action-packed activities to keep school-aged children entertained and learning all summer. Thematic Learning and Key Experiences: 🧡 Subjects Covered: Math, Science, Writing, Life Skills, and Social-Emotional Development. 🧡 Engaging Activities and Worksheets: Spark curiosity and foster holistic growth. Resources and Tools: 🧡 150+ Downloadable Resources: Easily integrate creative and flexible resources into your lesson plans. 🧡 Interactive Games and 60+ Learning Cards: Make learning joyous and interactive. Easy Access and Organization: 🧡 Google Drive Access and Online Portal: Seamless organization, collaboration, and sharing of resources. Transform your classroom into a vibrant haven of learning fun, where each day brings new adventures and every child shines like a star! 🌟📚 Unlock the boundless potential of your preschool, toddler, and infant programs with Let Me See You Teach Curriculum today!

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